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PyNetSim is targeting the generation of background traffic and anomaly generation for testing anomaly detection algorithms. It is written in python and basically no simulation in terms of computer science but it uses parts of simulation theory. Therefore it is a generator of such traffic types. It deploys its full power when running on many virtual machines.

Why simulation?

  • Reproducibility
  • Knowledge about anomalies
  • It is possible to model only special parts of interst
  • Statistics:
    • False positives and false negatives must be known!
    • It is nearly impossible to know any anomalies of real data dumps!
  • Usualy anomalies are rare, with simulation you can create the needed amount of data with the occurrence of anomalies you like
  • No privacy concerns. You can share your dumps with any research partner you like

Why not?

  • The internet is complex and it is impossible to model it
  • Simulation may produce artefacts
  • unrealistc amount of anomalies
  • Small amount of simulation programs exist for this task

What can PyNetSim do?

  • Background traffic generation:
    • Browsing a set of pages at random and clicking on links (using selenium)
    • Send, delete and get emails
    • Voice and text chats with Skype
    • Put, get and delete files with FTP
    • Update system time with ntpdate
  • Anomaly traffic generation:
    • All sort of network scans nmap offers
    • Supports metasploit rc files to generate all kinds of e.g. remote 2 local
    • Arppoison with arpspoof

How is it intended to be used?

PyNetSim is intended to be used on differnt machines a typical setup looks like this:

PyNetSim diagram showing a firewall, a bridge, a windwos and an ubuntu laptop

On the bridge tcpdump is used to dump the traffic, but you can also directly use any anomaly detection system. On each host a instance of PyNetSim is running. And in this setup the windows box is also the target. You can place any ammount of computers running PyNetSim on any place of the network to simulate different attack szenarios. PyNetSim deploys its power on virtual machines because you get a very cheap system to generate and dump the desired network dump.